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Miss Culture & Tourism Bangladesh 2018

LINKUS was officially authorized by Organizer Committee of Miss Culture & Tourism of China 2018, an International Contest called “Miss Culture & Tourism Bangladesh 2018”, as the only organizer partner for overseas division. The purpose of this competition was to exchange and enhance understanding of respective local and traditional culture and tourism of different areas represented by all contestants.

 As a part of celebrating and observing the Tourism Day 2018, Bangladesh Tourism Board’s CEO Mr. Md. Jahangir Hossain supported this program.

LINKUS arranged the press conference on 27th September at The Westin Dhaka, in the presence of the MD. Of LINKUS, Mr. Ye Liang, Honorable Chairman of TDAB, Mr. Syed Habib Ali (Tourism Developers Association Bangladesh) MD. Of SA TV, Md. Salahuddin Ahmed, MD. of Panda Shoes, Mr. Cai Chunlei, Dr. Murad and judges. Also during the program there will be more special judges. Syed Ruma & Lina Khan’s Grooming School will be working as grooming and choreographers for the participants.

Judges of the final program was Mr. Debashish Biswas, Ms. Jannatul Ferdoush Peya, Ms. Afroza Parveen & Ms. Sohana Sabah.

This program was telecasted on SA TV on every Wednesday started since 17th October, 2018 to December 5th. There was total 8 episodes. The final episode of Bangladesh which is the 6th Episode revealed the name of the winners (top 5) who will go to CHINA to participate in the grand final event.

For this program and encouraging Bangladeshi culture & tourism promotion with the hands of youth, EDM trio “Apeiruss” wrote & composed a beautiful song called “Janiye Daw” which has sang by Mithun Chakra. 

The winners are:

  1. Neel H Zahan
  2. Shama Makhing
  3. Mumu Tashina
  4. Suraya Pranon
  5. Anamika Anu

This whole program is available to watch in the LINKUS APP and get the LINKUS APP from this link:

For Details of "Miss Culture & Tourism Bangladesh" -

Fellowship Reception of Chinese Government Training Programs

LINKUS and Chinese Embassy celebrated and organized a program called Fellowship Reception of Chinese Government Training Program where Embassy of China invited the people who went for different training in different sectors during the period of 2016-2018.  Many people from government and as well as non-government organization went to China in different states for completing training from different states.

So, Chinese Embassy invited these people and celebrated a wonderful cultural evening followed by dinner. There were several section of different kind of cultural performance by Bangladeshi and as well as Chinese performers. LINKUS artists performed in the cultural event part. 

LINKUS Get Together

After the successful program of LINKUS & Panda Present "Miss Culture & Tourism Bangladesh 2018" Linkus celebrated with all the winners and Linkus live stars. Also some of the top users of LINKUS attended the program.

Mr. Ye Liang, (Chairman, LINKUS) was also present there. There were some musical performance performed by some of the LINKUS artists. As well as some dance performances from Linkus artists. 
It was a colorful evening with the presence of beautiful people at the Tea Stall.

Road To Final

Road To Final -
জয়েন করুন আর জিতে নিন ৫,০০,০০০ (৫ লক্ষ) টাকা

এই বিশ্ব কাপ উপলক্ষ্যে Linkus আয়োজন করছে এক বিশেষ ডিজিটাল Raffle ড্র যেখানে অংশগ্রহণের মাধ্যমে জিতে যেতে পারেন ৫,০০,০০০ টাকা এবং Exciting Gifts সমূহ
Download করো Linkus App আর জিতে নাও ৫,০০,০০০ টাকা পুরস্কার।

1. জিতে নাও ১,০০,০০০ টাকা পুরস্কার ফাইনাল খেলার র‍্যাফেল ড্র-তে (১৫-ই জুলাই)
2. জিতে নাও ৫০,০০০ টাকা পুরস্কার প্রতি সেমি-ফাইনাল খেলার র‍্যাফেল ড্র-তে (১০, ১১ এবং ১৪-ই জুলাই)
3. ৫০ জন Lucky Winner পাচ্ছে Panda Sports Shoe - এর পক্ষ থেকে ৫০ টি Sports Shoe
4. Four Points by Sheraton - এর পক্ষ থেকে ১ জন Lucky Winner পাচ্ছে ২ জন সহ ডিলাক্স রুমে ১ দিন থাকার সুযোগ। সাথে থাকছে Complimentary Breakfast এবং ৫ জন Lucky Winner পাচ্ছে ৫ টি Couple Buffet Dinner, Eatery – তে।

অংশগ্রহনের নিয়মাবলীঃ
1. Play Store অথবা App Store থেকে Download করো Linkus App
2. চোখ রাখো Linkus App – এর “Road To Final” Live Channel টিতে ১০, ১১, ১৪ এবং ১৫ জুলাই (প্রতিদিন সন্ধ্যা ৬ টা থেকে শুরু, ৪ দিন)
3. Linkus App – এর “Road To Final” Live Channel – এর Show-এর কমেন্টে Send করো তোমার Favourite টিমের পতাকার Sticker
4. “Road To Final” Live Channel – এর শেয়ার বাটন এ ক্লিক করে শেয়ার করো তোমারFacebook Profile – এ হ্যাস-ট্যাগ #Linkus_RoadToFinal লিখে Share করো (Public Post)।
5. খেলা শেষে Raffle Draw – এর Exciting সব Gifts এর জন্য Linkus App – এর “Road To Final” Live Channel – এ, যেখানে সব Winners দের Linkus ID সহ নাম দেওয়া হবে।

Celebrity Football Match

Linkus has organized a Football Match with its Brand Ambassadors and celebrity artists to celebrate the upcoming World Cup.

Women's Day Celebration

Women are the power. They are the source of positivity. All day, every day, around the world - progress is being made by women, for women. Linkus truly appreciates all the women for their contributions towards the society. In tribute to International Women's Day, the Digital Live Streaming Platform, Linkus has organized an event where Apu Biswas was the Chief Guest. The event was jointly organized by a Facebook group called Queens World where several members got selected to participate in the event. The audience was enthralled by exciting cultural shows and performances. We believe, it is women who are creating difference in every steps of their life. They are the glory and we salute them for their powerful efforts in reshaping the society.

Linkus Grand Launch

Linkus the Digital Live streaming entertainment app a venture of Linkus Network Technology Bangladesh Limited was recently introduced at Linkus Grand Launching Event with the target of taking users' entertainment experience into a theatrical level. The spectacular participation of Linkus Brand Ambassadors include Tahsan, World's famous cricket all-rounder Shakib-Al-Hasan, Apu Biswas and Warfaze were the biggest sensation of Linkus grand launch event. The audience was thrilled by the performance of country's iconic figure Tahsan, the diva Apu Biswas along with the exhilarating musical performance by Warfaze and striking speech by Shakib-Al-Hasan. The event also showcased exciting fashion shows, dance and melodious musical performances by popular artists, actresses, celebrities and musicians. The audience not only enjoyed the performances but also won exciting gifts in the raffle draw segment. A significant number of people got linked by downloading the magical App. The activities and the enthusiastic participation of the audience and majority of the popular media artists have made the event a huge success.

Linkus Pitha Utshab

A vibrant and enthusiastic engagement of students and Linkus members united to celebrate Pitha Utshab one of the most preeminent Bengali festivals. A huge number of students and faculty members participated in the cultural shows organized by Linkus and they were also amazed by the exclusive features of Linkus App. The entire campus enjoyed the colorful performances and all of them appreciated our initiative. Meanwhile, a large group of people downloaded the multi-functional App and got linked with Linkus family.

Linkus New Year Celebration 2018

The ultimate theme of the event was to spread colors and cheerfulness of Christmas and New Year. The event showcased social get together and cultural engagement among media professionals, mass, youth, celebrities, models and media journalists. The audience was charmed by the live performance of popular musicians and bands. Our Linkus team also performed in the event and captivated everyone's attention.

Linkus Press Meet

We believe in artists' collaboration, the press meet was organized to introduce our brand ambassadors with the journalists of the esteemed media. Tahsan Rahman Khan, country's sensational icon; Warfaze, one of the leading Rock Bands of Bangladesh; Apu Biswas the popular movie actress along with the officials of Linkus and media journalists were present there. The press coverage helped create a buzz about the Digital App Linkus in the local community. At the same time, the event boosted the number of downloads and brought them in the coverage of Linkus App.

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