Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQ and learn more about LINKUS.


What is LINKUS?

LINKUS is the entertainment app to bring fun at your fingertips It gives you all the social networking features in one place with Live Celebrity, Music, Comedy, Sports-Stars perfromance Channels, Video & Voice Calling,Instant Messaging, Music, News and much more. LINKUS beleives to be your single hub for all your entertainment needs.


  • Live
  • Chat
  • Picture Social
  • Moment

How do I download LINKUS from the website?

Installing LINKUS is very easy and can be done from any internet connected device using a web browser.

  • Open the browser
  • Go to the LINKUS website (https://www.linkuslive.com/)
  • Click on the download option for Android and Apple deivces respectively
  • Click on "Sign In" and enjoy!
  • Enter the verification code to create your unique LINKUS Account

If you do not have a LINKUS account, then you can register with LINKUS by clicking on "Sign-up"

How do I sign up for LINKUS?

Registering as a new user to LINKUS is very easy. You can easily register with LINKUS using your mobile phone number.

  • Open the LINKUS app
  • To sign up as a new user, click on "Sign-up"
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Receive a verification code via SMS
  • Enter the verification code to create your unique LINKUS Account
  • Create a password and enjoy!


What is Hot?

  • There are five subcategories under the Hot category, include: Traffic, Music, Celeb, News and Fitness

What is New?

  • Viewers while hovering over the New tab can enjoy vibrant shows of our striking in-house artists and hosts

What is Follow?

  • Viewers by hitting the Follow tab can follow their desired artist/celebrities

What is Show?

  • In this option viewers can enjoy any short videos as well as recorded shows

What is Traffic?

  • First of all click the Hot category
  • Then go to the Traffic option
  • Click on your desired area to know the traffic update

What is Music?

  • This option of Hot category will let you explore melodious songs and music of your favorite Musicians/Singers

What is Celeb?

  • Enjoy the shows of your most awaited celebs by hitting the tab Celeb

What is News?

  • To know latest news updates, viewers can easily hit the tab News. This tab will help viewers remain updated with national and international news through different news portals


How to make new Add new friend?

  • Select the Scan option and scan the LINKUS QR code of your friend and add him/her as your friend by sending a friend request

How do I make a call to my friend in Chat?

  • In the chat screen of your friend, there are multiple options displayed on the top panel
  • Tap on the "Voice Call" icon to place a voice call
  • Tap on the "Video Call" icon to place a voice call
  • Also click the "plus" icon for starting a call from the voice/video call option

How do I send stickers?

  • In the chat screen, all stickers are displayed on the right side with a small sticker icon
  • Select and tap on your desired sticker to send it in chat

How many stickers are there to have fun with?

  • We are adding tons of stickers day and night. There are unlimited numbers of stickers for you to choose from. Download new sticker packs and use them while you chat

How do I delete stickers from a conversation?

  • Place and keep your finger on the sticker
  • Select "Your Device" or "Both Devices" to delete the selected sticker


What is Picture Social?

  • Go to the bottom of the App and click on the Camera icon
  • Then click on the top left circular button to check the profile and posts of someone you know or you would like to know or your favorite celebs/ hosts
  • You can easily add someone by hitting the button Add Friend on Profile page
  • Stay connected with your friends on Picture Social by liking and commenting on each other's posts or pictures
  • You can also report someone's profile by clicking on the 3 dot icon on the top right corner of the intended profile

How do I create an album?

  • Click on the + icon in the middle of the bottom of the LinkUs App and upload multiple pictures or take instant pictures to create an album

How to delete an album?

  • One can easily delete the album by clicking on the button Delete


What is Moments?

  • This option lets you share your Moments with your friends and families
  • Users can easily do this by going into their own profile and follow the steps to share interesting moments
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