Vision Mission

We believe in uniqueness, innovation and productivity.

Vision & Mission

- Linkus is the pioneer in Digital entertainment platform in Bangladesh. Its vision is to help promote Digital inclusion and establish a Digital Bangladesh by 2021.

Over the years Bangladesh has made progress in several Digital sectors like the impressive growth of smartphone penetration and many more. The majority of the local community have already become a part of Digital inclusion. Most of us understand the benefit of Digital lifestyle which allows us all to work, play, create, and share in a more joined up way. All of the lines between all that we do are beautifully blurred - as we fluidly switch from checking work emails to updating our social media status to playing a game.

This constant connectivity is already deeply ingrained in our daily lives, giving us the possibility to work together more efficiently while socializing and exercising our creative streak at the same time. To upkeep the consistency of the Digital vision and add a new dimension to Digital lifestyle, we have come up with the seamless and best uncut entertainment including the flavor of Bangladeshi culture. Also keep the users updated about the traffic situation of Dhaka city in an easier and unconventional way.

We are a local Bangladeshi company aiming to bringing entertainment at your fingertips. At the same time it will help create a cultural exchange between the two Asian communities. We look forward to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented network and opportunity for our users, artists and ecosystem partners.

We are here to ensure a fair and transparent platform for both the audience and artists. It is here to help improve people's lives through unique and innovative programs. Let us join hands to make Linkus the entertainment CBD of Bangladesh.

- With the motto "Live is Life", Linkus Network Technology Bangladesh Limited introduces LINKUS, the first of its kind Digital Live streaming entertainment platform aims to tantalize you with colors and joy.


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