Who We Are

Linkus believes to be your single hub for all your entertainment needs.

Who We Are?

"Linkus is the single ended platform which will cater you with all the needs of your entertainment, contemporary news, popular artists' performances, celebrities' engagement, real time traffic update and most importantly social interaction."

LINKUS, the first of its kind unique Digital entertainment and Live video streaming platform is here with the most attractive and dynamic features. It will let you feel the magic of Live entertainment at your fingertips.

Be it sports, funny videos, music, Live shows, current News or the status of city's traffic, the multifunctional App will make your moment purposeful.

LIFE is LIVE when you connect your loved ones through the App's social networking feature. You will get to explore the amazing Digital Life and share your moments on Picture Social. Also, you will be star-struck with your most awaited and favorite celebrities, models, media professionals, sports stars, comedians and what not!

Considering the city's traffic situation, LINKUS APP will serve you with the most updated Traffic status, Live. Take a break and get thrilled by the Digital live performances and active audience interactions with the popular artists that you have been longing for. LINKUS will help a rising star realize their true potential.

It understands the quest of your entertainment and will let you enjoy a range of entertaining shows within your reach. We are here to ensure fair, transparent and professional platform for the media professionals and amateur artists to help them unleash their creativity.

We just happen to make a great, user friendly Digital APP to let you taste a distinct experience of entertainment. So download now, become a part of this peerless medium and feel the Digital journey, LIVE!

Linkus is the pioneer in Digital entertainment platform in Bangladesh

Its vision is to help promote Digital inclusion and establish a Digital Bangladesh by 2021
Committed to innovation and cater unique features.

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